Deployment Tab of the Ribbon

The following tables describe the commands available in the various areas on the Deployment tab of the Ribbon.

Command Description
Validate Validate the open process app to determine whether it is ready to publish to Application Repository.
Publish Package a process app and make it available in Application Repository. Publishing makes a process app available for deployment.
Deploy Deploy the open process app (if you have an environment set up in Application Repository to allow deployment from SBM Composer). This command opens the Deploy Process App dialog box, in which you specify deployment settings.
Quick Deploy
Command or Option Description
Quick Deploy Deploy a process app with the settings already specified in the Deploy Process App dialog box.
Create Versions of Process App Elements If this option is selected, check in design elements during the deployment and create process app versions in Application Repository.
Note: You cannot clear this check box unless Enable Development Deployment is selected in the Composer list in the Edit Environment dialog box in SBM Application Repository for the environment to which you are deploying.
Deploy To Lets you select the environment to which you want to deploy.
Keep Design Elements Checked Out If this option is selected, check out design elements after the deployment completes. This only applies to design elements that were checked out before the deployment began.
Command or Option Description
Launch SBM User Workspace When Deployed If this option is selected, open the SBM User Workspace after the deployment completes.
Open Application Open the SBM User Workspace to the selected application in the process app.
SBM User Workspace Open the SBM User Workspace to preview your process app. (You must have deployed your process app from SBM Composer at least once.)
Application Repository Open Application Repository.
Note: Internet Explorer presents a security warning when you click SBM User Workspace or Application Repository. You can safely click the message and trust the blocked content.

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