You can use the orchestration workflow service step to access and configure the RESTCaller service to call the REST Web service that you want to access.

XML data from the orchestration workflow can be mapped into the RESTCaller and sent to the REST Web service as text, XML, or as JSON data. Similarly, XML data returned by the REST Web service can be mapped into the orchestration workflow. If the REST Web service returns JSON data, it can be translated to XML and mapped into the orchestration workflow as XML.


If you are modifying process apps created in a prior version of SBM, you need to do one of the following to refresh the process app with the latest RESTCaller functionality:

RESTCaller is a system service that uses Security Token authentication by default. If you import RESTCaller, you must ensure that it uses Security Token authentication by performing the following steps:
  1. Log in to SBM Application Repository.
  2. Open the Environments view, and select your environment.
  3. Edit the RESTCaller service endpoint, and set the authentication to Security Token.
  4. Redeploy the process app to the environment.