Content Preferences

Use the Content page to set the initial home page, preferred application, and quick links for users. These options apply only to the SBM User Workspace.

Note: When you set preferences for groups, group members may not have privileges in all applications or reports in the list. In this case, changes do not apply to those users.

Select an application from the list to set the home page report and quick links for that application, and then save your changes. Repeat this process for each application in the list.

  • Home Page Report

    Enables you to set the home page report for each application. Search for or select reports, including built-in, System, and custom reports. To select a different home page report for each application, select an application from the Application list, and then select the report from the Home Page Report list. If you are selecting a home page report for the user's preferred application and you have not enabled the Launch page for this user, the report runs when the user logs on to the SBM User Workspace, clicks the Home button, or selects the Application tab for the preferred application.

  • Application Options
  • Quick Link Options

    You can create an initial set of quick links for users, who can then add or remove quick links later. Quick links apply only to the SBM User Workspace.

    These options are not available when you are setting preferences for group accounts.

    To add a quick link, type a name in the Link Name box, and then select one of the following options:

    To remove a quick link, select it in the list, and then click the Remove icon (image).