Creating Reports

Depending on your privileges, you can create reports that are associated with a specific application or solution. This enable you to quickly and easily access the report as you work with an application.

To create a report:

  1. From the Work Center toolbar, click the icon for a pinned application or application group.
  2. Use one of these options to open the Report Center:
    • Expand Reports in the navigation menu, and then click Report Center.
    • Click the Manage Views icon (image) located in the navigation menu, and then click the Reports menu header.
  3. Click the Create Report button located in the upper right corner. If you are in the Manage Views page, you can click the blue plus sign on the Reports header. The New Report page opens.
  4. Select a report category such as List, Distribution, or Duration.
  5. Review the available report types for that category.
    Tip: Hover your mouse over the report type name or icon to view a sample image of the report. You can also view alternate versions of the report output by selecting one of the available template types that appear above the sample image.

    For example, under Trend, hover over the Backlog report and click the Horizontal Bar template to change the preview image.

  6. Click the report type name, icon, or the sample image to begin creating a report using the selected template.
  7. Click the tabs at the top of the page to set content, search, sorting, and other options.


  8. Once report criteria is set, click Preview to review results. You can then either save your results or click Back to refine report criteria.

Editing Reports

Use one of these methods to edit a report:

  1. From a report list in the Report Center, hover over the report row, and then click the Edit icon.


  2. After you run a report, select Edit report from the Actions menu.


Deleting Reports

To delete a report, hover over the report row in the Report Center, and then click the Delete icon.