Creating a Snapshot

Create a process app snapshot when you want to capture a process app and its configuration for promotion at a later time. The snapshot captures a process app that is running on an SBM Application Engine server at a particular moment in time, including configuration entities such as users, projects, and reports.


To create a process app snapshot, you must have the Export Process Apps privilege, which is set in SBM Application Administrator.

Important: A new snapshot replaces any previous version as the "latest" snapshot of the process app—the only snapshot of that process app available for access through Application Repository. If you want to save a snapshot for backup purposes, Export it to file. For more information, see Exporting a Snapshot.

To create a process app snapshot:

  1. On the Snapshots tab, click Create new.
  2. Select a source environment from which to get deployed process apps.
  3. From the Process Apps list, select the process app that you want to capture.
  4. Select Exclude auxiliary table data if you do not want the snapshot to include auxiliary table data. This can save a considerable amount of time if auxiliary tables are large.
  5. Click Create. A process starts in the background to create the new snapshot.
  6. Click View Activity to see the status of the new snapshot, or click OK, and then refresh the Snapshots tab to see the snapshot in the list.