About Endpoints

An endpoint is a Web service–related detail, part of an environment, that you must specify before a process app can be deployed. It is a specific instance of a Web service for which the WSDL file has been imported into a process app workflow in SBM Composer.

Note: Internal system endpoints get created automatically.

Endpoints enable you to test a process app with one environment, perhaps on an isolated network, on a test server, and then roll out the process app to a production environment, with a more secure server. By specifying different endpoints in each of these environments, you can apply different conditions without having to edit the details of the process app workflows.

On-premise installations only: To restrict access to an endpoint, you can use SBM Application Administrator to remove the permission to edit an environment in general and the permission to edit endpoints in particular. Note that without permission to edit the environment overall, a user can still edit the endpoints associated with that environment if the user has the Create, Edit, and Delete Endpoints privilege. If a user does have the permission to edit an environment, that user can edit endpoints even without the Create, Edit, and Delete Endpoints privilege, so you have to disable both privileges in that case.