Refining Search Results

Search results are ordered by the most relevant based on your search criteria, which is highlighted in the results. Relevance is based on the number of times your search criteria appears in each work items and is shown in for each item returned.

A maximum of 300 work items are returned based on search criteria. The number of items shown on each page is based on the Items Per Page setting in your user profile, with a maximum of 40 items per page for search results.

Note: If fewer than 300 items are returned for your search, the number of relevant items is shown next to each filter item. If more than 300 items are returned, numbers are not shown until you filter down to a list that returns fewer than 300 items.

Use the filters in the navigation pane to refine search results by:


After you filter the list of results, use the Refined By list to broaden the list of results.