Setting Up Web Service Stub Files

To access the SBM Web services from Visual Studio .NET, you must add references to the WSDL file. When you do this, Visual Studio creates stub classes that your application can use to access the Web service methods. You can create these stub classes for Visual Basic or C#.

Once you have created the stub files, you can update them to use the client protocol provided by the WSE.

To set up the Web service stub files:

  1. In Visual Studio .NET, create or open a project.
  2. Select Project | Add Web Reference.
  3. In the dialog box that appears, enter the URL for either of the SBM Web services in the URL field:
    • http://serverName:aePort/gsoap/sbmappservices72.wsdl
    • http://serverName:aePort/gsoap/sbmadminservices72.wsdl
  4. Enter a name in the Web reference name field. This name will be used in your code to refer to the web reference. The sample programs uses aeweb as the web reference name.
  5. Click Add Reference.