This service creates a new project.


Argument Type Description
auth (optional) Auth The Auth type supplies credentials and optionally, a host name for licensing. The userId and password can be specified with HTTP BASIC or WS-SECURITY instead.
projectName (required) string The name of the new project. Note this is not the fully qualified project name.
parentProject (required) ProjectIdentifier Used to specify the new project's parent project.
workflow (required) WorkflowIdentifier The workflow is required if the Base Project is parent. Otherwise it is optional. The default value is the parent project's workflow.
useParentProjectWorkflow boolean Determines if the project should use the parent project's workflow. Default is true if parent is not Base Project. Default is false if parent is Base Project.
allowSubmit boolean Allow items to be submitted into the new project. Default is true.
useParentSequenceNumbers boolean Determines if items submitted to the new project are numbered in sequence with items in the parent project. False means the new project will number its items independently of items in the parent project. Default is true.
lastItemSequenceNumber integer The next item submitted to the new project will be numbered one greater than this number. 0 means the first item will be numbered 1. Default is 0. Ignored if useParentSequenceNumbers is true.
zeroFillTo integer Zero-fill item numbers within the project to a certain number of digits. For example, 5 would fill to five digits: 00001. Default is 5. Ignored if useParentSequenceNumbers is true.
allowAnonymousSubmit boolean Allow users without user accounts to submit items into the project. Default is false. Ignored if allowSubmit is false.
altName string Alternate project name to display to users who do not have view privileges on the project. Default is same as projectName.
description string Project description. Default is empty string.
options Options Holds name value pairing for future arguments.


ProjectData for the newly added project is returned. For more detail, see ProjectGeneralData.


The CreateProject call provides a method to add a single project, given the proper privileges. A successfully created project will be added underneath the specified parent project. If sibling projects exist underneath the parent, the newly created project will be placed last. If the call fails, the project is not added.



The following XML is a snippet of the payload that is sent with CreateProject.

    <urn:projectName>My new project</urn:projectName>
        <urn:displayName>IDM Project</urn:displayName>
    <urn:description>This is a description.</urn:description>