Viewing Connection Details

You can view the contents of the jms-ds.xml file. This file contains information about the JMS servers that are connected to the EMQA, such as the connection factory and the URL packages class. This file is located in the installDir\Common\jboss405\server\default\deploy\jms folder.

To view the connection details for a specific JMS server:

  1. Under java.lang.String getConnectionDetails(), enter the name of the JMS server for which you want to view connection details in the ParamValue column of the hostName parameter.
  2. Click Invoke.

    The contents of the jms-ds.xml file are displayed.

  3. Locate the name of the JMS server in the <attribute name="ProviderName">hostName</attribute> element and view its associated elements.
  4. Click the Back to MBean View link.