Drops and recreates the JBPM and BPEL portions of the Orchestration Engine database, creating a set of empty tables. It removes all deployed orchestration workflow definition data and orchestration workflow instance data from the Orchestration Engine server. After you run renew -clear, run renew -redeploy to restore the orchestrations to the environment.

By default, renew -clear will ask for confirmation before removing data. To suppress the warning, use the -nowarning option.

Important: Do not run -clear until you thoroughly understand your SBM configuration. If you have overlapping environments, -clear will remove the Orchestration Engine data for any environment that points to this Orchestration Engine server, and -redeploy may not work correctly. See Overlapping Environments for details.
Tip: You can look in SQL Server after running -clear to verify that the tables are empty. See Tables Affected By Renew for details about the affected tables and useful SQL queries.

Example output:

java -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 -jar renew.jar -clear -dbUsername "sa" -dbPassword "password"

WARNING: This will permanently delete all orchestration runtime data. Are you sure? [Y/N]:y