General Options

The following options are available on the General tab of the Composer Options dialog box.
Element Description
Startup action

Specify what should open when you start a new SBM Composer session.

  • When Show Start Page is selected, SBM Composer opens the Start Page. The Start Page includes links to downloadable process apps, training, support, and the community of designers. If you do not have outside Internet access, consider selecting another option to enable the session to start more quickly.
  • When Open most recent process app is selected, the process app you were working on when you closed your last SBM Composer session opens.
  • When (None) is selected, nothing opens. You can open a process app from the Open command or Recent Process Apps list on the Composer menu, or open the Start Page from the Home tab of the Ribbon.
Auto-save process app every n minutes Specify whether and how often to create a record of your changes to the open process app so that it can be recovered after a power failure or other inadvertent termination of SBM Composer. When this check box is selected, SBM Composer saves your process app automatically at the specified interval.
Create backups when deploying a process app Selected by default, this option stores the specified number of backups on your local machine. A new backup is added each time you deploy or publish a process app. Click the link to open the folder where backups are stored.
Mode Using SBM Composer in on-premise mode exposes certain features that are incompatible with deployment in an on-demand environment ("the cloud"). Unless you need to work on a process app intended for deployment to the cloud, make sure that the On-Premise mode is selected.
Tip: Because the operating mode affects (among other things) how design elements are validated, you cannot change this setting while a process app is open. Close the process app, change the setting, and then open the process app again.
Include validation for On-Demand compatibility When the On-Premise mode is selected, you can also choose whether SBM Composer should warn you when validation detects any features in your process app that are incompatible with on-demand deployment. This helps you confirm that a process app you are designing (while in on-premise mode) can eventually be deployed to the cloud.
Synchronize App Explorer with current editor Specify whether SBM Composer should update App Explorer to select the design element that is open in the main editor pane.
Auto open item when switching filters in App Explorer Specify whether SBM Composer should expand headings in App Explorer when you click on the corresponding filter buttons at the bottom of App Explorer.
Highlight validation Errors in App Explorer Select this check box and click the color picker to change the way validation errors are highlighted.
Highlight validation Warnings in App Explorer Select this check box and click the color picker to change the way validation warnings are highlighted.
Open recently checked-out item in an editor Specify whether, on check out of design elements from App Explorer, SBM Composer automatically opens one of them.
Provide introductory warnings SBM Composer typically offers informational messages when you perform certain operations. For example, when you save a process app, SBM Composer reminds you that your changes were not checked into the repository. Clear this check box to avoid seeing these messages.
Note: You can dismiss an individual category of messages by selecting the Do not show me this message again check box in any message box where it appears.
Warn on data constraint violations Specify whether SBM Composer warns you when you enter a default value (on the Data Mapping tab of the Property Editor) that does not conform to the requirements of the specified data type of the item (such as a default value of 0.5 for an integer field).
Select 'All Items' filter on opening process app Specify whether SBM Composer shows all design elements in App Explorer when you open an existing process app or when you create a new process app from the Create New Process App dialog box.

If this check box is cleared, the Workflow Design filter is shown when you open the process app using File>Open. If you open a process app from the Recent Process Apps list, the last filter you selected in that process app is shown.

Warn about mode mismatches with the repository Specify whether SBM Composer should warn you when you open an on-premise process app while connected to an on-demand repository, and provide the opportunity to switch to on-premise mode. If you switch to on-premise mode, and if the process app contains on-premise features, the process app cannot be exported or published. This is because the on-demand feature set is a subset of the on-premise feature set.
Validate AppScripts during process app validation Specify whether AppScripts should be validated during process app validation. To optimize performance, only those AppScripts that were added or modified since the last validation are validated. (Errors will continue to be displayed in the Validation Results, even if the AppScript was previously validated.) For information about handling errors, see Troubleshooting AppScripts.

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