Steps for Importing Selection Field Values

You can use the import and export features to easily manage values for Single Selection and Multi-Selection fields.

Use these steps to quickly add new selection values or to edit multiple existing values at the same time.

To import selection field values:

  1. In the App Explorer, select Data Design, and then select the table that contains a Single Selection and Multi-Selection field.
  2. Select the field, select the Options tab, and then do one of the following:
    • If the field already has at least one value, select Export from the More list, and then export the existing values to a file. Edit the file as needed, using the information in About Importing Selection Values for guidance.
    • If the field does not have any values, create a spreadsheet following the criteria in Import/Export Format.
  3. Select Import from the More list, and then navigate to your data file.
    Tip: If you are not satisfied with the results, use the Undo feature to return the value list to its original state.