Deploy Options Dialog Box

This dialog box opens when you click Options on the Deploy Process App dialog box. Use this dialog box to specify options when you deploy a process app.
Element Description
Stop deploy Specify whether the deployment should stop automatically if any warnings are raised during the deployment process. (By default, deployment always stops if there are errors.)
Schedule Select this check box to delay the deployment. Use the controls to set the time and date.
Email notification, Email address Use these controls to specify what deployment related notifications that you want to receive and to what address they should be sent.
Important: This only works if your administrator enabled e-mail notifications. If this was not done, notifications will not be sent, even if you complete the fields in this dialog box.
Endpoint mappings For each endpoint in your process app, click to the right of the external endpoint, and either select the defined endpoint to which it should be mapped, or select New endpoint and select New endpoint to open the New Endpoint Dialog Box.

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