Event Definition Editor

The event definition Property Editor is displayed when you select an event definition in App Explorer. The tab displays the details of an event definition that SBM automatically creates when an application workflow is linked to an asynchronous orchestration workflow using the Action Wizard, or an event definition that you create or import using the Event Definition Configuration dialog box. (See Using the Action Wizard for information about the Action Wizard.)

Each event is defined by an object type and an event type. When an event is fired during the execution of a transition, information is passed to the asynchronous orchestration workflow. The event definition editor shows what the information could be.

Element Description
Object types The object types defined in the event definition.
Event types The event types defined in the event definition.
Custom data The data sent with the event, shown in the Extension node. You can define data elements when you create a new event definition. If you import the event definition, the Extension node includes the field data and additional data you specified when you created the event definition (see Event Editor).

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