Using the Editor Pane

The editor pane appears in the center of the SBM Composer window. The content of this area changes depending on the element that you are editing.

For example, when you select a role in the App Explorer, the role editor shows the privileges for that role. If you select a form, the form editor opens in the editor pane. When you select a design element in App Explorer, its editor replaces the editor that is currently open. To edit multiple design elements, right-click each element in App Explorer and select Open in New Tab.

To rearrange tabs, drag a tab across the row of other tabs. When multiple editors are open, you can tile them to view multiple editors at the same time by clicking on a tab that is not in front, and dragging it down in the editor. As you move the cross-hairs cursor over the diagram that opens, shading indicates where the tab will be placed —above or below, to the left or right, or on top of the tab that is on top. Release the mouse button to drop the tab in that location, or move the cross-hairs cursor back over the dragged tab to cancel. With a little experimentation, you can create as complex an arrangement as you want.

Change the size of the editor pane or the tiled tabs by dragging their borders.


For many entities in App Explorer, a palette of related objects is displayed to the right of the editor pane.

For example, when you create or edit a form, the palette provides a list of controls, including fields controls that correspond to fields in a table, detail controls for standard detail sections, container controls for organizing the visual presentation of fields, and other controls such as buttons, text, and hyperlinks. If you edit a workflow, the palette contains states, steps, and the various types of transitions.

You can drag these objects onto the entity in the editor pane. You can also double-click some objects to add them to the editor pane.

Tip: For information about moving and hiding a palette, see Working with Panels.

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