On the Details sub-tab, you can edit basic information about an environment.

Click the Edit button to change the details for an environment. The following fields are available:
Field Description

Enter a descriptive name for the environment; for example, Production, Test, or Development.

Note: Consider including the environment set name to identify the collection of environments to which this one belongs.

Enter a text string that describes the environment.


Edit the address for the environment's Application Engine server.

Runtime server

The Application Engine runtime server address.

Composer deploy

In the drop-down list, select one of the following options:

  • Disabled

    Disables deployment to this environment from SBM Composer.

  • Enabled

    Enables deployment to this environment from SBM Composer.

  • Enabled with Development

    Allows an SBM Composer user to deploy development versions of a process app to the environment for testing purposes without generating new versions of the process app.