About the Toolbar

The toolbar contains the following:

Toolbar Item Description
User ID Displays the ID of the user who is currently logged in.
Log In As Enables you to log in as another user (without knowing that user's password) for troubleshooting purposes. Any actions that you perform while logged in as another user are logged under your name on behalf of the other user. While logged in as the other user, you have the set of privileges assigned to that user.
Note: You must have the Logon as Another User privilege, which is located on the System privileges tab in SBM Application Administrator before you can log in as another user.
Locale Displays the current language and country. Click the link to select a different locale.
Help Link to the SBM Application Repository help on the Documentation Center.
About Provides additional information about SBM Application Repository, including the build and version numbers and system configuration.
Exit Exits SBM Application Repository.

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