Sending Links to Reports Through E-mail

If you are viewing a report that was saved and is not a private-level report, you can use e-mail to send a link to the report. You can also access your external e-mail client to send a report link. Only SBM users who have privileges can run the report, however.

For Multi-View reports, you can send an e-mail for single reports in the Multi-View report.

Note: This feature is not available to users with External User or Occasional User access, or for External reports.

To send a report link through e-mail:

  1. Run a saved report that is a non-private level report.
  2. Click the E-mail Report link. Depending on the form you are using, this link may be in the Actions drop-down list or may be an e-mail icon on the form. The Send E-mail dialog box opens with the From field automatically populated with your user name.
  3. In the To, Add CC, or Add BC fields, type e-mail addresses or all or part of a user or group name to search for potential e-mail recipients, and then select it from the results list.
  4. Select a priority for your e-mail message from the Priority drop-down list. Depending on the recipient e-mail client and the type of e-mail server used by your SBM system, the priority appears in the e-mail message sent from SBM. The display of the selected priority depends on the receiving e-mail client; for example, in Microsoft Outlook. Highest and High priority selections appear as an exclamation point and; in Mozilla, the selected priority appears as text. Available priority selections are Lowest, Low, Normal, High, and Highest. The default priority selection is Normal.
  5. In the Subject box, a default subject is provided, but you can provide your own subject.
  6. In the Message box, type a message to accompany the report link.
  7. Click Reset to clear all information you provided in the Send E-mail dialog box.
  8. Click Send E-mail to send the message or click Cancel/Close to close the Send E-mail dialog box.
  9. The Close This Window button appears after you click the Send E-mail button. Click this button to close the Send E-mail dialog box.