Finding and Running Reports

Reports are organized by application and application group, which you can pin to your toolbar using the steps in Pinning Applications and Application Groups.

To find reports:

  1. From the Work Center toolbar, click the icon for a pinned application or application group.
  2. Click the Reports expander from the navigation pane.
  3. Select one of these report categories for the selected application:
    • My reports

      Lists reports you authored.

    • All reports

      Lists all reports you have privileges to run.

    • Scheduled reports

      Lists reports that are scheduled to run at a particular time. Results are sent to your e-mail address.

  4. Search for the report you want to run, or filter the list by one of these categories:
    • Application
    • Project
    • Auxiliary Table
    • Type
    • Access Level
    • Author
  5. Reports are listed in the right pane and are sorted by the last run time. Click the report title to run the report.
  6. Depending on your privileges, you can also hover over a report row, and then select an icon to: