2. Request Classification and Initial Support

Request classification includes setting priority, performing request matching, and determining which approvals are needed.

In the Classification state, the service desk staff reviews the request and determines how the request should be handled. The following actions may be available for updating and routing the request, depending on your role:

When transitioning the request, fields can be modified. The following describes how the information in each field is used:

Recategorizing Requests

Each request is submitted into a specific project that is associated with the service request. There is a possibility that users will submit a request into the wrong project, especially if there are a large number of service requests available or service requests that are similar to each other. The Recategorize transition gives staff in certain roles the ability to move such a request into the correct project. This transition is available in all states except for inactive states and the Resolved state.

To recategorize a request:

  1. From the Other drop-down list, select Recategorize.
  2. In the Recategorize form, click the Notes/Attachments tab.
  3. Search for the correct project in the Project field, and then add an explanation to the Work Notes field.
  4. Click the Details tab and update fields as needed. For example, you might need to change the title and update the Description field with information relevant to the new project.
  5. Click OK.