Knowledge Management Roles

The following roles (or actors) are available for the Knowledge Management workflow. Members assigned to these roles are available for selection when an article is sent for approval.

Editor/Publisher -This role is responsible for editing, approving, and publishing Knowledge Center articles. Other duties include: Contributor - This role is responsible for adding content to Knowledge Center articles. Other duties include:

Announcement Contributor - This role has the same privileges as the Contributors role. In addition, the Announcement Contributor can publish announcements without Publisher approval.

Administrator - This role is responsible for administering Knowledge Management, such as assigning users to roles, fixing SBM issues, or restoring deleted items.

Setting Default Values for Publishers and Contributors

After you add users to Knowledge Management roles, set default values for the Publisher and Contributor fields at the project level in SBM Application Administrator.

The default values prevent possible permission errors that can result when Knowledge Center articles are submitted from other process apps.

One option is to set the default value of the Contributor field to Current User, which will immediately assign the item to the submitter for editing.

Setting a default value for the Publisher field also prevents errors that can result when the Time Capture feature is enabled.