Incident Management Roles

The following roles (or actors) are used in the Incidents workflow.

Manager - This role is responsible for overseeing the flow of incidents through the workflow. Other duties include:
Level 1 Tech - This role is for service desk staff or first level support who are responsible for handling incoming calls and e-mails. Other duties include:
Level 2 Tech and Level 3 Tech - These roles are for technical SMEs and advanced support staff responsible for further incident investigation and diagnosis. Other duties include:
Note: The Incident Operators field includes all members in the Level 1 Techs, Level 2 Techs, and Level 3 Techs roles.

User - This role is for the users who will be submitting incidents, providing the necessary details to the Service Desk. This is the only role associated with the Affected User field.

Contact - This role is for users who should be available for selection in the Additional Contacts field.

Administrator - This role is responsible for administering Incident Management, such as assigning users to roles or fixing SBM issues.