3. Incident Investigation and Diagnosis

If the initial support fails to resolve the incident, the IT Service desk staff can transfer the incident to a Subject Matter Expert (SME). The SME investigates the incident, adds details, and, if possible, resolves the incident. Other options include escalating the incident to another SME or posting an RFC to the change management group.

The default incident management workflow contains three levels of support. Each level is associated with a different user field as described below:
Depending on the state, the SME or technician can choose from the following actions:
Tip: You can configure SBM to automatically assign the correct owner for each state. This improves the user experience by eliminating the need for them to select the correct SME when escalating the incident.

From the "queue" states, individual technicians use the Assign action to assign the incident to themselves.

Similar to the Classification state, the investigation states provide the following additional actions: