1. Problem Creation

Creating a problem is known as submitting a problem in SSM. Problems may be submitted directly by the Problem Management team or they may be spawned from an incident using the Post Problem transition in the Incident Management workflow.

The Submit form enables you to add the following information when creating a problem:
Note: When the problem is created from an incident using the Post Problem transition, incident details are pre-populated in the Submit form.
To create a problem directly:
  1. Click the +New icon located on the Work Center toolbar.
  2. Click the Browse tab.
  3. Search for or navigate to the project to submit into.
    Note: You will only be allowed to submit into a project if you have the appropriate permissions.
  4. Complete the Submit form with the necessary information.
  5. Click Submit to create the new problem.
Tip: You can find the items that you submitted by using Search by Submitter functionality and searching for items submitted by Current User.

When the problem is created, it is assigned a unique item ID and moves to the Classification state, where it can be classified by problem management staff.

If you selected a CI for the problem, the Active Problems tab will show all active problems related to the particular CI and the CI Relationships tab will list all of the relationships for the particular CI.

You can submit a known error directly without having to complete the entire problem management process by changin the Problem Type from Problem to Known Error and then entering the workaround.