4. Problem Error Assessment

After the causes of a problem have been discovered, the problem goes into the error control phase, where a resolution to the known error is established. The Assessment state is where the SME logs the known error and describes a workaround.

The SME selects the Error Identified transition to log the known error and workaround. This transition allows the SME to add the details about the known error and what the workaround would be in the Known Error Description field.
Note: The Error Identified transition changes the problem prefix to KE, signifying that it is a Known Error. Known Errors are described in the following topic.

After completing the Error Identified transition form, a Workaround submit form is displayed, where the SME can enter information about the workaround for the problem. Workarounds are submitted into the Workarounds auxiliary table. The items are linked to the problem. This allows incidents that are linked to the problem to refer to the workaround.

Note: You can avoid submitting the workaround at this point and add it in the next state. To do so, click Cancel on the Submit form for the workaround.

In addition to transitioning the item and adding a workaround, the SME can perform the following actions in the Assessment state: