General Modifications to SSM

The following sections address questions about some basic modifications that you can make to the process apps.

Can I use my existing Incident process app?

You can link your existing SBM Incident process app to the Change Management, Problem Management, and CMS process apps found in SSM. The procedure for doing this is beyond the scope of this guide, and it is suggested that you contact Professional Services for help.

Can I use my existing auxiliary tables?

You could have an existing auxiliary table that you want to link to one the process management apps. For example, you could have an existing "vendors" auxiliary table and you do not want to copy all of the data to the Vendors table included with SSM. You would modify the incident management process app in SBM Composer to reference your existing table.

For details, see SBM Composer Guide.

Can I edit the default reports?

You can edit the default reports that are included with SSM. When saving edited reports, remember to save the reports under a new name. This will prevent your changes from being overwritten when you upgrade to the next version of SSM.