Enabling External Communication

SSM users with the External Communication privilege can access the Manage External Users option in the Actions drop-down list on state and transition forms. This enables service desk technicians to easily communicate with non-SSM users.

For example, if Anonymous E-mail Submit is enabled in SBM, a non-SSM user can send an e-mail to the service desk to submit an item. A service desk technician can use the Manage External Users option to provide a name for the submitter, and then send a reply using a special external e-mail template that is designed specifically for replies to non-SSM users. After sending the non-SSM user an e-mail, the technician can transition the item to a Waiting state.

An administrator can create a Communication rule at the project level that automatically transitions the item from the Waiting state back to the service desk technician when the non-SSM user replies to the e-mail. For more detail on configuring external communication features in SBM, refer to the SBM Application Administrator Guide or help.

Before using this feature with SSM, note the following: