5. RFC Authorization

RFCs require CAB approval in these cases:

For details on the approval process, refer to Change Advisory Boards and Approvals.

After the change is approved, it can be decided whether it should be implemented in isolation or as part of a package of changes that would be formally equivalent to a single change. The latter approach optimizes the use of resources, reduces the incompatibilities between different changes, and simplifies the back-out plan. Change managers can link RFCs by creating a principle RFC and then grouping the RFCs using the subtasking capabilities of SBM.

Announcing a Change

You can announce RFCs to Knowledge Management after completing the Approve transition from the CAB Review/Planning state.

When the Announce Change field is set to Yes, the Submit form into Knowledge Management will be displayed after completing the Approve transition.

The content for the new announcement is populated with information from the article. The start date for the announcement is specified in the Implementation Start Date field.

Select Load Article Template on the Content tab to clear the information that was imported from the change. The content will be replaced with the template.

Restriction: You must have permissions to submit an item into Knowledge Management to create an article. For example, you could be a member of the Contributors role in Knowledge Management.