About SRC

Use the legend below the image to learn about SRC.


  1. Use the Catalog tab to navigate the service catalog and submit requests. Refer to Service Catalog.
  2. Use the Requests tab to monitor requests based on a report specified by an administrator. Refer to Requests View.
  3. Use the Approvals tab to monitor items that are pending approval. Refer to Approvals View.
  4. Use the Knowledge tab to access Knowledge Center articles. Refer to Knowledge Center.
  5. Configure custom tabs in SRC to display an external URL, SBM report, or Work Center activity view. Refer to Adding Tabs to SRC.
  6. See urgent announcements.
  7. Open the user profile and change settings, including the user's locale to view localized strings (if any) in SRC.
  8. Configure the banner and the Contact Info, or enter edit mode to configure custom categories, sections, and tabs (available to administrators only). Refer to Customizing the SRC Properties.
  9. Launch SBM Application Administrator (available to administrators only).

Legacy Requests and Approvals tabs are also displayed if you have upgraded from a previous version of SSM. They can also be enabled in the SRC properties (Customize | Request Center Properties) and added manually. For details, refer to About Legacy Requests and Approvals.