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Serena Request Center Mobile 5.2.2 Readme
This readme file contains information about this release. Last updated on 2016-10-06.


About this Release

Welcome to Serena Request Center Mobile. This readme provides an overview of the latest changes in the Serena Request Center Mobile app.

  • This readme pertains to both on-premise and on-demand versions.
  • On-premise customers – You must install and configure SBM 10.1.5 or higher.
  • On-premise customers – Before you use Serena Request Center Mobile, you must install and configure Serena Service Manager 4.0 or higher as described in the Serena Service Manager Getting Started Guide.
  • Before you access Serena Request Center Mobile for the first time, you must open each of your process apps in SBM Composer and redeploy them.
  • Serena Request Center Mobile is available in English only.


Serena Request Center Mobile provides access to Serena Request Center from supported mobile devices. Serena Request Center Mobile enables users to browse available IT and business service requests and their associated SLAs, and then submit and monitor requests from their mobile devices. Your IT service staff and managers can also easily approve, track, and fulfill requests from their mobile devices.

Users can use Serena Request Center Mobile to:

  • Browse the catalog for service requests and submit new requests
  • Search the catalog for available service requests
  • View service requests that they submitted
  • Finalize items waiting for approval

Note that the service catalog supports nested categories for Serena Service Manager 5.2 and later releases. If you are using an earlier version, categories are not nested in containers.

Supported Platforms

The following operating systems are supported with Serena Request Center Mobile:

  • Android 4.1.x – 4.3.x, 4.4.x, 5.0, and higher
  • iPhone – iOS 8.X, 9.X, 10.X for iPhone 5, 6x, 7x

Third-party Tools

For information regarding third-party software copyrights and license information, refer to the files under "Downloads" or "News" at http://www.serena.com/support.

What's New

The following features and changes have been added in this release.

Custom Tabs in Serena Request Center Mobile

Custom tabs that you add to Request Center are now available on the landing page in the mobile client. Note the following:

  • Custom tabs that contain SBM activity views display a list of items.
  • Custom tabs that contain URLs are available on the landing page. When a mobile user taps a URL tile, a new browser page opens.
  • Custom sections that you add to the catalog do not appear in the mobile client.

New Approvals and Requests

The legacy My Approvals and My Requests tabs have been removed from the mobile client sidebar menu. Users can now access the new Approvals and Requests tabs from the main landing page in the mobile client. Note that the tabs that are displayed in Request Center are mirrored in the mobile client. This means if you are still using the legacy tabs, they will appear on the landing page in the mobile client as well.

Support for Additional Report Types

Graphical, tabular, summary, and built-in reports are now displayed in the mobile client.

Additional Features

The following features in the SBM Mobile client are now available in Serena Request Center Mobile:

  • Barcode Reader

    Users can now use the device's camera as a bardcode reader/scanner to enter data into fields. Users can enable or disable the barcode reader functionality from the Settings menu.

  • Preserve Form Data When Out of Network

    If a user loses internet connection, the form will preserve any data that has been entered until the connection is back. When the user is back in range, he or she can complete the transition and send the data to the server.

Useful Tips

This section provides useful tips to help you maximize Serena Request Center Mobile for your users.

Configuring Serena Request Center Mobile

Serena Request Center Mobile is a portal for your users who want to work with requests and approvals from their mobile devices. The same service request categories and service requests that are available to your users via the Web browser are available to your users on their mobile devices once you install Serena Request Center Mobile. Note that all configuration tasks are still performed in the SRC Web browser interface; therefore, inform your SRC administrators that they will still need to access Serena Request Center using the following URL to configure the catalog and create service requests:

Starting in SSM 5.2.2, the following process apps are enabled for the mobile client by default:

  • SSM - Incident Management
  • SRC - Starter Pack Forms - IT
  • SRC - Service Request

This optimizes the display of custom forms throughout each of the process apps. For customers who upgrade to SSM 5.2.2 and intend to use the mobile client, ensure that the Enable options for Serena mobile app check box is selected on the application in Composer and re-deploy each process app.

Configuring Network Access

On-Premise Only – Serena Request Center Mobile requires that users have network access to your SBM Application Engine Web Server that hosts SSM. For example, if users are connecting to a WiFi network outside of your corporate network and your SBM Application Engine Web Server is behind a corporate firewall, they must connect to your corporate network using a VPN from their mobile devices. If your users do not use your company's VPN regularly from their mobile devices, contact your IT department for assistance with connecting your users to the corporate network.

Basic Navigation Tips

Navigating Serena Request Center Mobile is easier than ever before. Here are some basic navigation tips to help you get started.
  • The launch page displays the Catalog, Requests, and Approvals by default. Any categories or service requests that you mark as favorites appear here as well.
  • To remove an item from the launch page in iOS, tap and hold the icon until it shakes and then click X. For Android, drag and drop the icon to the trash icon.
  • Tap the menu icon or swipe right from the launch page to access a navigation menu and additional settings.
  • When you are viewing the Catalog, Requests, or Approvals, swipe right to return to the previous page in iOS. Click the back icon in Android.
  • On a submit form, click the icon next to Submit / + to toggle the Simplified view on or off, take a photo using the camera, or add a photo from your library.

Known Issues

For a complete list of known issues and potential workarounds, refer to the Knowledgebase at serena.com.