Getting Help

Aside from this document, Service Manager provides additional guidance for configuring and using this product.

Custom Online Help

Every Serena-provided solution that is powered by SBM includes end-user help that you can customize to suit your needs. End-user help is added to solution design elements in SBM Composer, deployed as part of the solution, and shown to users as they work with items at runtime.

For details, refer to the SBM Composer Guide or SBM Composer online help.

Documentation Center

Visit the Documentation Center for the most current documentation for Serena products and solutions, along with an extensive documentation archive.

Support and Knowledgebase

The support site at provides an extensive, searchable Knowledgebase and other information about Serena products.

You must have a user account to view items in the Knowledgebase. Register for a free account if you do not have already have one.

User Forums

Visit the Serena User Forums to interact with other users and learn more about using our products.

You can view and search for information, but you must create and log in to a forum account to respond to articles and interact with other users.