Managing Article Types

Article types are used to organize Knowledge Center articles. You can also create article templates and associate them with the various article types.

Four article types are provided by default:

You can add, modify, or remove these default types.

To edit the default article types:

  1. Open the Knowledge Management process app in SBM Composer.
  2. Select the Data Design tab, and then select the Article Type field.
  3. On the Options tab in the property editor:
    • Click the Plus sign to add an article type.
    • Click in the value row to modify the article type name.
    • Click Remove to delete an article type.
      Note: Remove a type rather than disable it to remove the value from the Filter list in Request Center. Existing articles that have the type you remove continue to be returned in search results.
  4. Click the Validate arrow to ensure your process app will deploy. In some cases, you may need to modify other settings. For example, the PM Submit transition uses the FAQ type as a default value for the Article Type field and you may need to select a different default value if you disable the FAQ type.
  5. Deploy the process app.