Configuring the Approvals View

The Approvals view uses a Listing and Multi-Table reports to display items that are pending approval.

By default, the provided Requests requiring my approval report is used for the Approvals view. This report returns requests in the "Business Approval" and "Financial Approval" states where the logged-in user is the owner.

You can configure the view to display results from other reports as needed. If a request is returned by multiple reports set for the view, the request is listed only once in the Approvals view.

To customize the Approvals view:

  1. Select Customize | Approvals.
  2. Click +another report.
  3. In the Add Approval Reports window, select the application, enter the report name, and then click Go.
  4. Select the report from the results, and then click Add.

Approvals Report Requirements

Reports must meet the following criteria before you can add them to the Approvals tab.
  • Report Type

    You can choose pre-defined Listing and Multi-Table reports. Multi-Table reports provide an easy way to return requests from multiple applications.

  • Privilege Category

    You cannot select a private report. Also, be sure to verify that all Request Center users have access to run the reports and view report results. For example, If you add the report at the Base Project level, users may not see results in their Request Center view.

  • System fields as display columns
    System Field Notes
    Last Modified Date Optional, but used to populate the Updated column on approval items.
    Submit Date Optional, but used to populate the Requested column on approval items.
    State Optional, but used to populate the State column on approval items.
    Title Optional, but used to populate approval item titles.
  • Search Filter
    • For best results, query states where items requiring approval reside.
    • Optionally, use an "Owner contains any current user" condition to return only items needing approval from the logged-in user.
    • Query-at-Runtime parameters are not allowed.
    • Calculation columns are not allowed.