3. Audit and Verification

Audit and verification checks for the existence and accuracy of information contained in the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) against the actual asset. If any exceptions are found, the CMDB has to be updated appropriately.

In Service Manager, a Configuration Analyst can audit an item by selecting the Audit transition and adding any applicable Work Notes. The CI moves to the Audit state, where it is verified. If a discrepancy is found or a change is required, the Configuration Analyst can choose from a variety of transitions to determine what will happen to the CI:
Note: Service Manager supports the process of auditing and verification, but the actual act of auditing or verifying a CI has to be performed by a member of the Configuration Management team.

CIs, their versions, and their changes form the basis of any configuration audit, and SBM enables you to create and run reports on these items. Service Manager provides default reports, and users can create additional reports in Serena Work Center.

Some of the default reports follow: