Updating Endpoints

After you have successfully promoted all of the Serena Request Center snapshots, if you have a distributed installation, you must update the RESTCaller endpoint that is used by the SRC - Knowledge Management process app.

Tip: The navigation steps below assume that you are using SBM Application Repository in SBM 10.1.5 or higher. The steps are similar, though the navigation is slightly different, if you are using SBM

To update the endpoint:

  1. Log in to Application Repository using the following URL:
  2. Open the Environments tab.
  3. Select the environment that you used to promote the snapshots.
  4. Click the Endpoints sub-tab. A list of endpoints for all the promoted process apps appears.
  5. Select the RESTCaller endpoint:

    Click the Edit button, and then change the host name in the URL from localhost to the host name of your SBM Orchestration Engine server.

  6. Click Save.
  7. Open the Process Apps tab.
  8. Select the SRC - Knowledge Management app, and then click the Deploy icon.
    1. On the Destination page, select the environment that you used to promote earlier. Click Next.
    2. On the Mappings page, select the RESTCaller endpoint, and then click the Edit icon.
    3. In the endpoint selection dialog box, select the RESTCaller endpoint that contains the host name that you added in step 5. Click Next.
    4. On the Summary page, review your selections, and then click Deploy.

The RESTCaller endpoint that is used in the SRC - Knowledge Management process app is now configured properly.