6. Problem Resolution

Problems can be resolved in a variety of ways. First, there may be a workaround to the problem, explaining how to address the problem when it is encountered. Second, the problem may be caused by an underlying problem in the system that needs to be changed. A change needs to be made in the system at large to fix the root cause of the problem. And third, the problem may have no solution. In this case, you may want to create a tech note in Knowledge Center to alert people about the problem.

These three approaches are not mutually exclusive; for example, there may be a workaround but there may still be a problem in the system that needs to be resolved.

Tip: A good practice is to occasionally review all major problems to ensure that the correct steps were followed, how to improve the process overall, and how to prevent recurrence of similar incidents. The reporting functionality in SBM helps to expedite this review process. You can create and share reports listing the major problems that were recently closed, and then share the list with your team.

All of these approaches can be implemented from the Error Identified state in the problem workflow.