Custom Help

Solution developers can document applications as they develop and maintain them in SBM Composer. The information they provide for key application elements is presented to users as they work with items. Custom help is provided for the Serena Service Manager applications. This information can help you understand the design and function of the applications. You can modify this information to customize it for your organization.

In SBM Composer, the custom help text is entered in the End-user help text setting. This setting is on the General tab of the Property Editor for all elements except applications. For applications, this setting is in the application editor. The Find End-User Help Text dialog box can be used to find elements that include custom help text. This is helpful both for reviewing and modifying the provided help text, and for identifying elements that do not have help text. To open this dialog box, click End-User Help in the Find area on the Home tab of the Ribbon.

Note: For details, see the SBM Composer Guide.

The following table lists the elements for which custom help can be provided, and describes how users can view it.

Element How to View
Application Hover over an application tab to see a brief description of it.
Workflow Click the workflow icon on any primary item to open a help window that contains information describing the process items follow, including a graphical view. Information about each transition, state, and decision is also shown.
Transition Hover over any transition button on a state form to view provided help content.
Form Click the help icon on any primary or auxiliary item to open help about the fields on the form. On transition forms, information about the transition is included. On state forms, information about the state is provided, including help about each available transition and field. Custom form information is also shown if it was provided.
Field Hover over the name of any field that includes a dotted underline to view a shortened version of the provided help for that field. Click the help icon on the form to see a full version of the provided field help.