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Serena Service Manager 5.1.1 Readme
This readme file contains information about this release. Last updated on 2014-10-13.


About this Release

Welcome to Serena Service Manager 5.1.1.

Please note the following important information:

  • On-premise customers: Before you install this release, you must install and configure SBM or higher as described in the SBM Installation and Configuration Guide. For SBM installations, it is also highly recommended that you apply SBM Hotfix 1.
  • Service Manager is available in English only.
  • This readme pertains to both the on-demand and on-premise versions.

Packaging Changes

The following changes have been made to the installer packaging:

  • Serena Service Manager is now included in a solution installer that includes Serena Release Manager.
  • The Demand Manager solution is no longer included in the installer.

New Installations of Service Manager

If this is a new on-premise installation:
  1. Download SBM or higher from http://www.serena.com/support.
  2. Follow the instructions in the SBM Installation and Configuration Guide to install and configure SBM.
  3. Verify that SBM successfully installed and configured.
  4. If you installed SBM, download and apply SBM Hotfix 1.
  5. Download Service Manager 5.1.1 from http://www.serena.com/support.
  6. Follow the installation instructions in the Serena Service Manager Getting Started Guide.

Upgrades from Previous Versions

Important: If you are upgrading from an earlier version of Serena Service Manager, you must upgrade to SBM or higher first. For SBM installations, it is also highly recommended that you apply SBM Hotfix 1.
The Service Manager upgrade process consists of two phases: the installation upgrade (on-premise only) and the solutions upgrade.
  • Installation Upgrade

    In the installation upgrade phase, you install and configure the latest versions of the framework files for Serena Request Center and features such as service level agreements (SLA). The solutions that you have implemented from previous releases are supported with the upgraded framework files.

  • Solutions Upgrade

    In the solutions upgrade phase, you import new solution files and merge changes into your current solutions. Before attempting this upgrade, review the list of changes to determine the benefit of upgrading your solutions.

For upgrade instructions, refer to the Serena Service Manager On-Premise Upgrade Guide or Serena Service Manager On-Demand Upgrade Guide.

Installer Components

The installer delivers three components:

  • Solution Files – Solution files are process app snapshots and blueprints that contain the latest changes and updates for the Service Manager process workflows and data models.
    The following Service Manager solutions are delivered by the installer:
    • Serena Request Center
      • SRC - Starter Pack Forms - IT
      • SRC - Knowledge Management
      • SRC - Service Request
    • Serena Service Manager
      • SSM - Change Management
      • SSM - Configuration Management System
      • SSM - Problem Management
      • SSM - Incident Management
      • SSM - Integrations
  • Framework Files – The framework files augment your underlying installation and enable certain features in the Service Manager process apps. The framework files include new templates, images, and code that are backward compatible with your existing installation.
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) Files – SLAs define the level of service that an organization commits to its customers. SLAs contain performance metrics that correspond to these commitments.

Third-party Tools

For more information regarding third-party software copyrights and license information, refer to the files under "My Downloads" or "Product News" at http://www.serena.com/support.

What's New?

Serena Service Manager is a maintenance release that focuses primarily on defect fixes to previously reported issues. For a complete list of fixed defects, visit the Knowledge Base. If you are currently experiencing an issue that is now corrected in this release, you can upgrade to this version to correct the issues. Customers not experiencing any of the corrected issues need not upgrade and may stay on the current release.

In addition, one minor enhancement has been made to the product; service desk staff can now use the Caused by RFC(s) field to search for a Request for Change, or RFC, to relate to incidents once they are classified.

Known Issues

For a complete list of known issues and potential workarounds, refer to the Knowledge Base.

  • If you are using a previous version of Service Manager, such as version 3.0, but you upgrade to SBM, some forms may have display issues. To solve these problems, redeploy process apps that contain these forms from SBM Composer.