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Serena Asset Manager Readme
This readme file contains information about this release. Last updated on 2014-07-29.


About this Release

Welcome to Serena Asset Manager 5.0.1. Serena Asset Manager is a powerful network device discovery tool that integrates with the Serena Service Manager solution. Serena Asset Manager scans your network, gathers important data about discovered devices, and seamlessly creates and updates configuration items (CIs) in your Configuration Management System (CMS) database. Serena Asset Manager provides greater control over your IT infrastructure and inventory; it enables continuous visibility into your hardware and software assets, who is using them, and where they exist in your network.

Please note the following important information:

  • Before installing Serena Asset Manager, you must install and configure the following:
    • Serena Business Manager (SBM) as described in the SBM Installation and Configuration Guide.
    • Serena Service Manager (SSM) as described in the Serena Service Manager Getting Started Guide.
    Important: Serena Asset Manager requires the Microsoft® SQL Server® DBMS.
  • Serena Asset Manager is available for both the on-premise and on-demand environments.
  • Serena Asset Manager is available in English only.
  • Upgrades from previous versions of Serena Asset Manager are not supported in this release.

Refer to the Serena Asset Manager Installation and Configuration Guide for installation and configuration information.

Known Issues

For a complete list of known issues and potential workarounds, refer to the Knowledge Base.