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SSM Asset Discovery Adapter 4.5 Readme
This readme file contains information about this release. Last updated on 2014-10-02.


About this Release

Welcome to the Serena Service Manager Asset Discovery Adapter 4.5. The adapter that integrates Serena Service Manager and Microsoft® System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R2 is included in this release. The adapter consists of a connector, developed and provided by OpsHub, Inc., and a solution developed by Serena Software, Inc.

Please note the following important information:

  • Before installing the adapter, you must install and configure the following:
    • Serena Business Manager (SBM) as described in the SBM Installation and Configuration Guide.
    • Serena Service Manager (SSM) as described in the Serena Service Manager Getting Started Guide.
    Important: SBM must use Microsoft® SQL Server® as its database; otherwise the adapter will not work.
  • The adapter is available for both the on-premise and on-demand environments.
  • The adapter is available in English only.
The following files are included in the adapter package:
  • Asset Discovery Adapter (SCCMConnectorInstallerPackage.zip)
  • Serena Service Manager Asset Discovery Guide (ssm_asset_discovery_guide.pdf)

Refer to the Serena Service Manager Asset Discovery Guide for installation and configuration information.

Known Issues

This section describes known issues for this release.

  • A database error will occur during installation if you select Windows Authentication as the Authentication Type on the Database Parameters wizard screen and then select Everyone on the Installation Directory screen. To avoid this, select Me instead of Everyone.
  • If you are using the adapter with SBM or SBM, after you promote the snapshot, you must import and deploy the "SSM – Integrations_Update" process app. For details, see solution S139000.