Dimensions RM
Version 12.7
Release Notes

This file describes the new features and functionality available in the current release of Micro Focus Dimensions RM.

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Part 1: What's New?
Part 2: What's Fixed in 12.7?

Part 1: What's New?

1.0 What's New in Dimensions RM 12.7?


Part 2: What's Fixed in 12.7?

2.0 Fixes in 12.7

Part 1: What's New?

1.0 What's New in Dimensions RM 12.7?

Dimensions RM 12.7 addresses various enhancement requests and issues that were submitted by customers:

·       Reporting Enhancements (SIG):

o    Embedding of  graphical reports in documents

o    New Quick Search Options (and/or)

o    Value sum support in graphical reports

o    Report execution date added including export

o    Set relationship constraints for each class in traceability reports

o    Multi-selection of reports in Home View

o    Update graphic report visualization

o    Filter time stamp attributes only by date

·       New Requirements Hierarchy:

o    New hierarchy view to define grouping and ordering of requirements

·       New Story Map:

o    New board for story mapping to epics/features and assignment to releases/sprints

·       New Team Support:

o    Definition of teams and team members

o    Team based reporting and filtering

·       Usability Enhancements:

o    Select visible classes and their order

o    Updated graphic editor (additional shapes, more export/import options)

o    Various UI enhancements in Agile Views

o    Update rich-text editor

            ·       Document Enhancements:

o    New filter capabilities

o    Access on document snapshot version only for review

o    New attribute selection for ReqIF export

·       Workflow Enhancements:

o    Automatic workflow transition execution on included requirements based on document/collection workflow

o    New option to order transition buttons

·       Localization:

o    Support for Chinese and Japanese

·       New Electronic Signature:

o    Use Electronic Signature on workflow transitions including encrypted storage of user, timestamp, action

·       Integrations:

o    RM Connector for MF Connect 4.1

·       Webservices:

o    New webservices for defining and retrieving requirements hierarchy


2.0 Fixes in 12.7

Fixed Defects:


RM cannot be configured on a default Oracle 12c installation


Security on Login Page


HTML Editor: Styles are overwritten


Moving a report to a different category copies the report - but does not move it


Document View: No message about unsaved changes before leaving the first edit field (FF only)


Mandatory Reason for Change is not checked in editable grid when it is not shown


Recent: Can open only one requirement from recent


CSV Link should never default to linking all versions


Product / Project : Un-provide is not reflected in quick search


Branch/Sync View: Setting doesn't allows to not propagate Reason for Change


Publish: Requirement headings should be published the same as chapters in paragraph mode


Document Publishing fails when having < in text value


Exact search by date attribute in format "DD MONTH, RRRR" doesn't work in Quick Search


Open user attribute takes long in quick search with may users


Suspect Popover - wrong entries are shown for same object ID


Comments are showing wrong meta-data


URL Attribute cannot be placed in custom location via custom form


Support custom form for the custom defined attributes on the Document settings form


Group Attribute Sort Issues when applying long lists

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