Dimensions RM
Version 12.6.2
Release Notes

This file describes the new features and functionality available in the current release of Micro Focus Dimensions RM.

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Part 1: What's New?
Part 2: What's Fixed in 12.6.2?

Part 1: What's New?

1.0 What's New in Dimensions RM 12.6.2?


Part 2: What's Fixed in 12.6.2?

2.0 Fixes in 12.6.2

Part 1: What's New?

1.0 What's New in Dimensions RM 12.6.2?

Dimensions RM 12.6.2 addresses various enhancement requests and issues that were submitted by customers:

·       Reporting Enhancements (SIG):

o    New option to select alphabetical or numerical order of displayed attribute in graphical report

o    New option added to show percentage or absolute numbers in graphical reports

o    New option to filter report output by constraint

o    Alphabetical sorting allows now combination of upper and lower case in sorting

o    New option to include null values in graphical reports

o    Allow filter on different levels of group attributes with aggregation of all levels in graphical report

o    Improve relationship constraints selection for runtime parameters

o    Option added to store runtime parameter selection for next run

o    Improved UI for snapshot selection in runtime queries

o    Added link actions to Outline View

·       Usability Enhancements:

o    Modernize container dialogs

o    Quick Search for all classes allows now column sizing

o    Support of pagination in Split and Branch views

o    Support of copy and mass copy for Glossary items into other categories

            ·       Document Enhancements:

o    Linked items can automatically added as sub-requirements in documents

o    Support of custom attributes for documents

o    New flexible requirement filter added in document view

o    New chapters will be added directly after selected chapter

·       Attribute Calculation Additions:

o    Support attribute calculation for list attributes

·       Requirements Enhancements:

o    New URL field type

o    Export to .xlsx format

o    When changing class add existing comment from the original to the new requirement

o    Mass copy considers now "Populate on Copy" settings for class

o    Option to select if requirement copy shall be linked to original collection

o    Allow to delete document assignment of requirement copy

o    “Clear all” button added to group attribute UI

·       Product / Project Enhancements:

o    Option added to define default for provide with links

o    Support the project/product - category functionality without branching feature

o    Support un-provide action for provided requirements

o    Ability to select which attributes shall be provided/synchronized

o    Synchronization information will now be added to the requirement history

o    Indicator in history added that a change of a requirement was done by synchronization (merge)

·       Notifications:

o    New Follow feature to subscribe for email notification on selected  requirements

o    New administrative notification when user accounts are created or modified

·       Integrations:

o    LDAP integration is now supporting multiple ADs

o    Improved support of ReqIF roundtrip

o    Define selection of attributes for ReqIF export

o    New selector for encoding for CSV Import added

·       Webservices:

o    WS: CreateRtmDocSnapshot added option to pass description

o    WS: CreateRtmDocSnapshot added option to suppress version numbering or auto number


2.0 Fixes in 12.6.2

Fixed Defects:


Chapters based on queries with runtime options are not refreshed automatically


Edit of a 'Query by Class report' drops original NOT IN relationship criteria


UI: Items are shown in 2 lines in Relationship constraints tab (IE8/9/10)


Some special characters cause the split view display to fail


Create Comment Error Raised:  Comment was not added


Create also Major or Minor snapshot version number for child documents when creating snapshot for master doc


Appending Text field is not editable in editable grind


Traceability Report shows parser error for status attribute


Sort order is not working with cyclic link in traceability report


Indents for images are not respected


Attribute group not expandable in custom web form


Chapter based on query with runtime parameters is not updated


Compare document with snapshots fails with requirements multiple times case


User cannot edit a master document when the child document is locked


In document view in general if you do an action you should not lose your changes


Document: Created By and Modified By is not correct


Drag & Drop of chapters is not possible in documents which was locked


Publish Compare Document fails when having sub-requirements with different description attributes names


With high number of documents the Document Properties takes long to load


Document compare is wrong when class of a requirement was changed


Spelling error in Export Dashboard


Email rule text cannot be saved when characters like äöü are used


Login to quick search is not working when last name is containing a single quote


Performance issue on category tree


Document Title is shown truncated in Document Settings when using single quote in name (also Description in 12.5.1)


Linked Test Cases sometimes show test case multiple times


Attachment is shown in wrong place in published document


Attachment handling not working in Document View


Add Requirements as Last Requirement to Chapter does not work


Snapshot always has "Publish Title" enabled


Class Report Selecting Requirements 'Not in Any Baseline' fail on export


Output from Reports Created with run-time parameters Cannot be exported


Performance issues on Container lists


Open user attribute takes long in quick search with may users


Performance Issues running some traceability reports (L3R09043)



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