Dimensions RM
Version 12.6
Release Notes

This file describes the new features and functionality available in the current release of Micro Focus Dimensions RM.

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Table of Contents

Part 1: What's New?
Part 2: What's Fixed in 12.6?

Part 1: What's New?

1.0 What's New in Dimensions RM 12.6?


Part 2: What's Fixed in 12.6?

2.0 Fixes in 12.6

Part 1: What's New?

1.0 What's New in Dimensions RM 12.6?

Dimensions RM 12.6 addresses various enhancement requests and issues that were submitted by customers:

·         SQL Server Support:

o    RM supports MS SQL Server database

     ·       Suspect Link Improvements:

o    Add option to show suspect flag on deletion of links

o    Log who has cleared suspect

·       Usability Enhancements (SIG) - Quick Search:

o    Add information about proposals for requirements into quick search and reports

o    Provide the ability to filter requirements on attachments in Quick Search, reports, etc.

o    Separate container selection options

·       Usability Enhancements (SIG) - Linking:

o    Link browser settings for displayed attributes

o    UI enhancements minimize difference between selected and other items in link browser

o    Would like further 'Links Section' Compression

·       Usability Enhancements (SIG) - Reports:

o    Color definition for graphical reports supported

o    Add Null Option to Group Attribute Levels

·       Usability Enhancements (SIG) - UX Improvements:

o    User can define favorite containers

o    Allow more mass activities for requirements in different views

o    Add report and filter selection to search windows like Organize by Category

o    Open documents and reports in Full View from Direct – URL

o    Rename Project to Instance

o    Set access for reports and dashboard to All groups includes new created groups automatically

o    UI enhancements in Sync View

o    Add colorpicker for table cell background in richtext editor

o    Modernized requirement form and other dialogs

o    Show main menu active state

·      Usability Enhancements (SIG) - Home View:

o    Show Requirements in Home View

o    Show document properties

o    Edit reports directly from Home View

o    Visualizing difference of public and private reports

o    Provide different icons for traceability matrix and traceability coverage reports.

o    Add action Refresh Container to Home View tab Collections

            ·       Document Enhancements:

o    Create direct-URL to publish a document

o    Publish to Excel should allow to include all columns

o    Add option to refresh cross references in documents

o    Add option to edit captions

o    Enhance Links In, Links Out information in documents and show also Linked Test Cases

o    Include Chapter class in project/user settings

o    Include 'Resolve Suspicions' action in the document view

o    Entire Document View: add selection mark for chapter

o    Edit all Attribute in root chapter added

o    User without "Replace" permission can read comments to change status

o    Support Publish/Export feature with Office 2016

·       Attribute Calculation:

o    Added ability to define calculation for a numeric attribute based on related objects.

·       Workflow Enhancements:

o    Execute Transition should hide transitions which are not available for at least one items based on transition constraint

o    Add direct link to container when assigning workflow to container

·      Editable Grid:

o    Editable grid filter: Show available values also for read-only users

o    Allow to fetch all requirements in a editable grid for filtering

·       User Management:

o    User assignment and un-assignment to a group in RM Browser

o    Groups in use by instance are indicated

·       Integrations:

o    MF Connect - Support Requirement Link synchronization (for instance for Silk central integration)

·         Micro Focus Branding

·       Installation:

o    Update Serena Common Tomcat to new version which contains tomcat 8.5.23

·       Performance Improvements:

o    Enhanced performance of loading Quick Search filters.

2.0 Fixes in 12.6

Defects from customers:


Issues in Re-importing documents after making changes to its published document.


Full interface does not open when opening collection from URL


Can't .csv create req'mt on subcategory unless root category has 'create' privil


Collection Expansion Error when using ampersand  (&) character in collection name


Formatting of copied text cannot be changed


SSO User will prompted by RMBrowser to change the password after reactivate


SSO User Failed Login / LDAP failed login error 49


RM 12.5 "Create New & Link" does not populate default values


Issues with Test Case, Test Steps CSV File Imports


Users with CreateCR  Permission cannot propose a new CR


Specified Object Not Found"  - History sort using object ID raises error


Issue with Rest Service at Attribute Settings


Cursor jumps to the top when editing requirement


Failure to block TinyMCE causes TestSteps rendering to fail

Non-customer defects:


Full interface not opens if document is opened with url.


RM Import: Date Import delivers wrong dates


Indented lines in HTML field are exported in more than one line to Excel in some cases


Schema Deployment does not transfer security settings for all resource types


WordDocumentPostProcessor: Sub-Lists disappear


Shift+click selects also the text when requirements are marked as selected


Attribute setting Change Raises Suspicion is not working


Suspect is shown as no in document view also when the requirement is suspect.


Also open full interface checkbox on login is not working when open a baseline


First page on Collection View is not showing sorting


List numbers bigger than 10 are truncated


Category Assignment: Ability to Check/Uncheck All


Trend Report is showing wrong result set when sorting


XML Import of User attributes values doesn't work


load containers in browse links does not work with SSO


Duplicates could be created when user edits requirements in Editable grid and then changed the View.(slow server)


Links to/from requirements in inactive categories can be deleted/undeleted/removed


Sorting in Quick Search is not working when list value is containing Select


When switch to Chapter View cancel move because of unsaved changes is not working


Picture of EA Model is not displayed in RM


Separate chapters and requirements numbering doesn't work for Snapshots


Baseline link editableGrid=true is not working when open full interface checkbox

















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