Dimensions RM
Version 12.5
Release Notes

This file describes the new features and functionality available in the current release of Micro Focus Dimensions RM.

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Table of Contents

Part 1: What's New?
Part 2: What's Fixed in 12.5?

Part 1: What's New?

1.0 What's New in Dimensions RM 12.5?


Part 2: What's Fixed in 12.5?

2.0 Fixes in 12.5

Part 1: What's New?

1.0 What's New in Dimensions RM 12.5?

Dimensions RM 12.5 addresses various enhancement requests and issues that were submitted by customers:

·       Product/Project Feature – Requirements Branching:

o   Definition of products, projects and their relationships.

o   Requirements from products/projects can be branched and merged, using functionality supported by new views.

o   Scope of products/project is easily applied across the browser.

o   Matrix view of the assignments between Products and Projects.

·       Document Enhancements:

o   Full Document Scrolling: It is possible to scroll within an entire RM document as with MS Word.

o   Inline editing of chapters and requirements in document view.

o   Enhanced Chapter class: Edit form allows working with all Chapter attributes, with change history visualized. Change proposals for document chapters can be created.

o   Added ability to convert one or several Chapters into Requirements.

o   Document Find and Replace highlights baselined requirement text in gray.

·       Enhanced Review Support:

o   New document comments view.

o   Reviewers may process comments on chapters and requirements.

o   Progress can be visualized with summary view based on new comment workflow.

·       Glossary:

o   Ability to dynamically create, use and highlight Glossary terms.

o   Manage multiple Glossaries based on categories.

o   Enable auto-calculated Glossary chapters in documents.

·       Diagram Editor:

o   Added ability to draw, save and edit diagrams in RM Browser with various selectable shape libraries like Visio, UML, SysML, etc.

o   Support of Visio diagram import.

o   Diagram editor is available in all html text attributes.

·       Reports:

o   New Traceability Matrix marking requirement relationships with editable links.

o   “My Work” reports have been integrated into the dashboard (former view deprecated).

o   Report visibility in subcategories with results filtered by selected category.

·       Quick Search Improvements:

o   New collapsible Quick Search design.

o   Users can save private filters in Quick Search for faster access to data.

o   "PUID, Title & Description only" is split into three single options in Quick Search and Split View.

·       Extended Word round trip functionality:

o   Document roundtrip supports offline changes to requirements and chapters in MS Word.

·       Further Usability Enhancements:

o   Test Management Automation - automated the process of creating a new test plan (number of test runs) based on a set of test cases.

o   Simplified the process for deletion of baselined objects - without extra steps.

o   Opening of full RM Interface is supported from an opened document or other container.

o   Close after Save is available on Edit Requirement form and Transition Dialog.

o   Ability to transition one or multiple requirements from one class to another.

o   Provided ability to temporarily hide content in a category with simple process to make it visible again.

o   Agile: Allow assigning one or more groups to agile artifacts.

o   Ability to restrict the group attribute to a single group/subgroup selection.

o   When using Save&Copy or Save&New feedback notifies the user that an item was created.

·       Integrations:

o   New native bi-directional integration with Atlassian JIRA (based on RM SyncEngine).

o   New Micro Focus Hub connector to enable integrations to Micro Focus solutions like Silk, Atlas, Rhythm as well as to 3rd party solutions like TFS, Rally, etc.

o   Enhanced synchronization with HP ALM/QC to support multi-selection fields and date fields in various formats.

o   Export to ReqIF (Requirements Interchange Format) to exchange data with other requirements tools.

·       Administration:

o   List values maintenance of attributes in RM Browser including support for individual value sets per category.

o   Assignment of single users to a category without enabling an entire group.

o   Added additional warnings in Deployment Comparison Dialog.

2.0 Fixes in 12.5

Defects from customers:


Umlaut in RM Class Definition / RM Web client


Expiration screens are not using SSO Login


Sensitivity to whitespace in the script parser can lock up RMAppServers.


Document Compare can display incorrect results


Category restrictions are not completely honored with respect to containers


File attachments with long name or High ASCII characters in name failed to attach and crash rmAppServer


Save and Copy error in 12.4.1: Mandatory field not filled but marked with a green tick


Permission issues when transition multiple objects


Adding a New Group to a Project grants edit privilege on all reports


Class sorting


Document Compare Returns Incorrect results with NO update to TIP


Table border defaults in TinyMCE editor


Display Issues when screen resolution is above 1920


After Deploy, cannot set Attributes to Display in User Settings if Attribute defaults are deleted


RM Import: Title is not removed from Description / Too much text in parent requirement


Embedded or attached objects are not migrated


Error shown when using quick search with Group Attribute and Text filter.


When doing a document find and replace, the text found following a replace is NOT highlighted


FF: Images pasted into RM do not publish properly - publish as snall red x


User Management fails when using CAC environments


CSV Browser Import does not Respect Returns

Non-customer defects:


Problems with Russian/German symbols in RM Browser


Mistake in comparison of document.


All snapshots is missed after Word Import


Document Forward is blank after Word Import


Chapter title and its description have a page break between them after Word Impo


Inserted rows caused all subsequent rows in the table to be created as 'new'


Compare Docs shows incorrect number of added reqs


Incorrect comparing differences.


Group attribute values cannot be updated/replaced by webservices


List values with russian symbols are truncated in ClassDef


Switch to Outline View for Traceabiltiy Reports with runtime parameters not possible


Impossible to create collection based on query where Category is run-time parameter


Web services  licenses should be requested by client host id


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