Serena® Dimensions® RM
Version 12.4.1
Release Notes

This file describes the new features and functionality available in the current release of Serena Dimensions RM.

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Part 1: What's New?
Part 2: What's Fixed in 12.4.1?

Part 1: What's New?

1.0 What's New in Dimensions RM 12.4.1?


Part 2: What's Fixed in 12.4.1?

2.0 Fixes in 12.4.1

Part 1: What's New?

1.0 What's New in Dimensions RM 12.4.1?

Dimensions RM 12.4.1 addresses various enhancement requests and issues that were submitted by customers:

·        Usability Enhancements:

o    Drag & Drop support for category assignment of containers in Home view.

o    User can set favorite categories and filter for favorites in different views.

o    “Select All” function support – pressing of Ctrl+A selects all displayed requirements, available in most views.

o    Quick Search result window shows only classes with content.

o    Added support of <current date> as default value for Date Attribute.

o    User can change a category for a requirement directly in Edit Dialog.

o    "Create New & Link" action is available in menu in Link Browser.

o    Document lock will automatically release after user session timeout.

·         Automated Schema Deployment:

o    Ability to deploy schema definition from one RM project to another.

o    Ability to deploy schema definition from one RM project to another instance.

o    The schema can be deployed to more than one project.

·         Schema Definition Enhancements

o    Additional condition on suspect links – there is ability to restrict raising of suspicion for attributes which are changed.

o    Ability to copy Workflow from one class to another.

o    “Append” option is available for a Text Attribute – it allows adding new values, shows and restricts changes of already existing values.

o    Extended list of available operators for Group Attribute – added support of “not in”, “null”, “not null”.

o    Ability to set default value(s) for User Attribute.

o    Each attribute can be configured to be populated on “Create & Link”    action.

·        Agile Capabilities:

o    Added support of standard class Epics.

o    Enhanced Agile mapping

o    Releases optional in Agile Views

·       Mail Notifications:

o    Ability to manage notification by group - allows dynamic assignment and deletion from the group along with not having to perform the notification management on an individual level.

o    Notification rules based on categories – there is ability to specify a specific category in the notification rule.

o    Ability to subscribe/unsubscribe of group notification rules.

·         Enhanced Admin Features:

o    Administrator users can create/update/delete RM user information directly in RM Browser.

o    Simple user/group creation - ability to clone an existing group or existing user. Group membership and permissions for a user is also copied.

o    Empty group can be assigned to a project.

o    Ability to create RM users with LDAP authentication. Extended attributes from LDAP server can be applied to appropriate users.

o    Provided ability to change authentication type (login source) for users.

o    Added option not for copying category assignments for user in a process of assigning the user to a group.

o    Copy category assignments of a user to other user(s) belong to the same group.

o    Delete category assignments for a user.

·         Integrations:

o    HP ALM: Advanced RM Test Step synchronization

·        Added Administrative Logging to:

o    Category assignments.

o    Workflow configuration.

o    Operations on categories like creating, updating and deleting.


2.0 Fixes in 12.4.1

Defects from customers:


ClassDef: Output truncates when Printing Definitions


Tooltip text corrupted


Group attribute dependencies don't always work


Unable to View or Edit Documents on one project on the Pratt Production Server - ORA-01722


Document and requirement unlock permissions are not working correctly


Unable to make links from Test-Case to Test-Run


Script Error in Chrome  when Create New & Link called from new created requirement


Unable to load Date Fields using CreateRmDocumentEx


CSV Import Error 2061  'Mandatory attribute value is missing' on Create


Switching to Editable Grid, Exception Error 2007 "Data for specified class not found"


ORA errors when configuring My Work --> Recently changed requirements (L3R06174)


Object ID cannot be used with UPDATE to map a requirement for CSV Import


Split bar in GUI is not working properly


Read Only attributes cannot be selected in import csv for matching.


Filter sorting is not working on the baseline tab


Error (2061) - Failed to store object. Mandatory attribute value is missing for attribute named: <ATTR>


Snapshots do not preserve the document formatting


Exchange Requirement Version is not working when 'Update to Tip' is not checked


LDAP User locked out when incorrect pwd entered


Requirements with Large Tables export into the wrong columns


Group Attribute (PE): Deselection of Attribute values followed by new selection is not working


Read Only User Can Format and Edit Document Properties


Document is not unlocked when user session is expired


Problem importing csv file into RM 12.4


Getting Runtime Error in E-Mail notification if more than one project is enabled


Mail Notifications for Change Request are not send


Date columns in collection listing are sorted in alpha-numeric order


E-Mail Service - There Appears to be Extra Content in the Email Message


E-Mail Service - Extra E-Mails Generated when Change Request is Approved


E-Mail notification problem


Browser not using new Java Script files

Non-customer defects:


Email notification doesn't work as expected


Baselining using script with GA-Run time choice cannot be created


If Agile is enabled on a system where two databases are configured for RM the Agile view is not displayed


RM allows input/web service distribution of invalid characters


RM Mail Service sends multiple email copies of Polls and Rule notifications


Class Def is missing class types for Prototype Composer Classes


FF asks to activate Adobe Flash in Dim RM


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