Serena® Prototype Composer™ PRO Edition, Version 3.4
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Last updated on 14 September 2016

This file contains information about installing and using the current release of Serena® Prototype Composer™ PRO Edition.

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Installation Requirements


Installing Prototype Composer

What's New in Prototype Composer 3.4?

Known Issues


Installation Requirements

Prototype Composer minimum system requirements for installation:

Client Systems - Minimum Requirements



Screen resolution

System Colors

Windows 7, Windows 8.0 or Windows 8.1

512 MB


65,536 colors


Client Systems - Recommended Requirements



Screen resolution

System Colors

Windows 7, Windows 8.0 or Windows 8.1

1024 MB


16.8 million colors

Installing Serena Prototype Composer

This section explains how to install Serena Prototype Composer. You must perform the following installation procedures on all client machines where necessary.
If you do not have the full version of Microsoft .NET 4.0 installed, download and install it from here:

To install Serena Prototype Composer PRO Edition:

  1. Download Serena Prototype Composer PRO Edition and run the executable (.exe) file.
  2. Follow the instructions until the installation is complete. 

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What’s New in Prototype Composer 3.4?

RM Integration Settings Improvements

·         The Dimensions RM integration settings now show fields which have to be filled with a red label.

·         Prototype Composer now generates the URL for Dimensions RM 12.4 and higher.

·         Class mapping controls have been re-structured.

RM Category Selection Improvement

The RM category control now allows selection from a tree. This control is used in RM integration settings, requirement import and the requirement editor.

Project locking

Prototype Composer now locks the project when opening it. As a consequence, other instances can only open a project as read-only if it is already opened.

Requirement List Improvement

The requirement list now provides a column to show the RM ID.

Log File Location Improvements

·         The Log file location can now be selected in the Options dialog.

·         By default, Prototype Composer now logs to the user’s AppData path (…\AppData\Local\Prototype Composer).

Publish Improvements

Prototype Composer now allows creation of images as attachment or within an HTML text field of the MODEL class, when publishing models.

Web Import now uses installed Internet Explorer version

Previous versions of Prototype Composer did not use the installed version of Internet Explorer, as a consequence, the web import might have imported a different layout than expected.

Now, on each start Prototype Composer checks if a DWORD value “PrototypeComposer.exe” exists under SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\FeatureControl\FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION in HKEY_CURRENT_USER or HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE registry branch. If none exists, an entry is created under the HKEY_CURRENT_USER_branch. For further info on valid values check

Minor Improvements

·         Requirement list colors have been changed for better readability.

·         Process Editor now shows a text if no swimlane has been defined.

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Known Issues

Web Capture Limitations for Certain Page Types

ENH86108, DEF84168: While in most cases the Web Capture utility in Prototype Composer will import and convert simple Web pages with high fidelity, pages with dynamic content or complex HTML elements may result in less than optimal capture results.

You are advised to perform test captures and adjust the capture controls to maximize the quality of imported Web content.

New Background Color for a Button is not Displayed

DEF152533: If a user changes the background color for a button, the new color is not displayed when the user runs a simulation.

Synchronization Does Not Update Links from Dimensions RM

In the following scenario, the Synchronize function does not update links from Dimensions RM:

  1. In Dimensions RM, create a Business Requirement (BRx) and a User Requirement (URy).
  2. In Dimensions RM, link BRx and URy.
  3. In Prototype Composer, import BRx.
  4. In Prototype Composer, import URy.
  5. In Prototype Composer, the Synchronize function does not update the links from Dimensions RM to Prototype Composer.

Perform the following steps as a workaround to this issue:

  1. Update the Business Requirement (BRx).

2.    Open the Business Requirement (BRx) in Prototype Composer.

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