Serena® Prototype Composer™ PRO Edition, Version 3.3
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Last updated on 26 August 2014

This file contains information about installing and using the current release of Serena® Prototype Composer™ PRO Edition.

This document also describes requirements for integrating Prototype Composer with Serena® Dimensions® RM.

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 Installation Requirements
 Installing Prototype Composer
What's New in Prototype Composer 3.3?
Prototype Composer Integrations
Known Issues


Installation Requirements

Prototype Composer minimum system requirements for installation:

Client Systems - Minimum Requirements
Platform Memory Screen resolution System Colors
Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.0 or Windows 8.1 512 MB 1024x768 65,536 colors

Client Systems - Recommended Requirements

Platform Memory Screen resolution System Colors
Windows 7, Windows 8.0 or Windows 8.1 1024 MB 1920x1080 16.8 million colors

Installing Serena Prototype Composer

This section explains how to install Serena Prototype Composer. You must perform the following installation procedures on all client machines where necessary.
If you do not have the full version of Microsoft .NET 4.0 installed, download and install it from here:

To install Serena Prototype Composer PRO Edition:

  1. Download Serena Prototype Composer PRO Edition and run the executable (.exe) file.
  2. Follow the instructions until the installation is complete. 

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What’s New in Prototype Composer 3.3?

Support for Microsoft Office Word 2007 and higher

Previous versions of Prototype Composer used the Custom XML functionality of Microsoft Office Word 2003. Since this function had been removed by Microsoft Prototype Composer was unable to generate reports with versions other than of Microsoft Office Word 2003. Now, Prototype Composer uses placeholders which identify the data to be used in the report.

Relocation of Template Directory

In Document Publisher, Prototype Composer allows to change the path to the Document Templates. This is especially useful if templates should be shared over the network.

Requirement Sorting improved

In reports, Prototype Composer now sorts requirements numeric instead of alphanumeric.
Example: BR1, BR2, BR10 instead of BR1, BR10, BR2.

Collapse All/Expand All in Activity Editor

Prototype Composer now allows to quickly open/close all steps in Activity Editor by selecting "Expand All" or "Collapse All" from the context menu.

Synchronization with HTML fields

Prototype Composer does not remove HTML/XML tags anymore which caused information loss when synchronizing with HTML fields on Dimensions RM.

Mail Configuration

Prototype Composer now allows to set the SMTP Port in e-mail options.

IP v6 Support

Prototype Composer fully supports IP v6.

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Known Issues

Web Capture Limitations for Certain Page Types

DEF86108, DEF84168: While in most cases the Web Capture utility in Prototype Composer will import and convert simple Web pages with high fidelity, pages with dynamic content or complex HTML elements may result in less than optimal capture results. Examples include:

You are advised to perform test captures and adjust the capture controls to maximize the quality of imported Web content.

New Background Color for a Button is not Displayed

DEF152533: If a user changes the background color for a button, the new color is not displayed when the user runs a simulation.

Synchronization Does Not Update Links from Dimensions RM

In the following scenario, the Synchronize function does not update links from Dimensions RM:

  1. In Dimensions RM, create a Business Requirement (BRx) and a User Requirement (URy).
  2. In Dimensions RM, link BRx and URy.
  3. In Prototype Composer, import BRx.
  4. In Prototype Composer, import URy.
  5. In Prototype Composer, the Synchronize function does not update the links from Dimensions RM to Prototype Composer.

Perform the following steps as a workaround to this issue:

  1. Clear the checkbox for the RM integration on the Project Integrations tab.
  2. Delete the parent requirements (BRx) and child requirements (URy) in Prototype Composer.
  3. Select the check box for the RM integration on the Project Integrations tab.
  4. Import child requirements (URy) and then import parent requirements (BRx) in Prototype Composer.

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