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Serena ChangeMan ZMF Connector 6.0 Readme
This readme file contains information about this release. Last updated on 2016-05-24.


About this Release

Welcome to Serena ChangeMan ZMF Connector 6.0.

ChangeMan ZMF Connector is a flexible set of services and programs that can be used from Windows or UNIX/Linux platforms to deploy to z/OS through Serena ChangeMan ZMF.

ChangeMan ZMF integration with Serena Release Control 6.0 and above is implemented through the Release Control ChangeMan ZMF Provider plugin and ZMF Connector 6.0.

To download ZMF Connector, contact Serena Support.

Note: There are additional ways to integrate Serena products with ChangeMan ZMF using ZMF Connector. For custom integration help, contact Serena Services.

Documentation References

  • Refer to Serena ChangeMan ZMF Connector Configuration Guide for configuration details.
  • Refer to Serena Documentation Center for the most current documentation.
  • Refer to the What's New tab for a complete list of new features in this release.

Supported Configurations

Detailed information about supported platforms and software configuration is available in the Supported Platform Matrix. (In the row for this release, click the link in the Platform Matrix column.)

Third-party Tools

For more information regarding third-party software copyrights and license information, refer to the files under "Downloads" or "News" at http://www.serena.com/support.

What's New


Enhancements made to ZMF Connector 6.0 include the following:

  • Support for ChangeMan ZMF 8.1

    Services for HTTP Server and ALF have been updated to support ChangeMan ZMF 8.1.


Following is a summary of changes in this release.

  • Rewritten HTTP Server

    HTTP Server (almsernet) has been rewritten to support ChangeMan ZMF 8.1. It now runs under Serena Common Tomcat and communicates through the CMN port. It still requires that the RLM license be applied and the RLM parameter be used in your ChangeMan ZMF startup.

  • Enhanced Security

    Encryption scripts are provided to assist you in securing your credential data. After you configure the resource files for the integration services for the HTTP Server and ALF, you run the associated encryption scripts so that the credentials cannot be discovered by accessing the server on which they are stored.

More Information

To learn more about ZMF Connector, visit these areas:


For assistance with upgrading to ZMF Connector 6.0 from a previous version, contact Serena Support.

Known Issues

Issues known to exist at the time of release are as follows:

  • Audit deployment tasks do not show as completed if the audit return code is 20.

    If you execute a deployment task that audits a change package, and the ChangeMan ZMF started task is somehow terminated during the execution, the audit return code returned to ChangeMan ZMF Connector is 20. In this situation, the audit task does not show as completed in Release Control, even if it is ultimately completed successfully in ChangeMan ZMF.