Scheduling Deployment Tasks

You can schedule deployment tasks or create a partial schedule for task templates. If Schedule Options is set to None, the deployment task begins execution as soon as the prerequisites are completed.


To be allowed to set the schedule on an deployment task, you must be able to access the Schedule Items transition in a release package or deployable release train. By default, access to this transition is restricted to the following roles:

  • Release Control Administrator
  • Release Manager
  • Release Engineer

Setting the schedule is also restricted based on a rule which limits it to particular states. You can modify the rule in SBM Composer to further restrict access for scheduling items.

To schedule a deployment task:

  1. Create or edit a deployment task or task template.
  2. Select one of the following in Schedule Options, using the tooltips for more information on the options.
    • (None)
    • Specific Time (with an optional Grace Period)
    • Opportunity Window
    • Time Window
    • Delay
    • Hold Until Released
      Note: Once put on hold, the task shows ON_HOLD status regardless of whether prerequisites are done.

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